Simplify the process
Your invitees receive their QR Code and check-in at your event just by scanning it on Junbi.

Less time waiting
The check-in takes less than 20 seconds and attendees can check themselves in without any assistance required.

Optimize your event costs
Using Junbi you do not need hostesses checking in each one of the attendees which allows you to reduce the staff needed at the check-in moment.


Add a registration form to your event

Add our registration form to your event page. By registering on our form, your attendees will receive their ticket with a QR Code.


Fast and easy check-in

At arrival, your guests just need to scan their invitation in Junbi and they’re ready to go!


Tickets and Badges

If you want to print any information in each check-in, it is possible to activate Check-in Ticket printing option, which will enable Junbi to print the events details


Check your analytics

Centralize all your event information on a digital platform from check-in’s to attendance and purchases.

Make it yours!

Just order your Junbi box and subscribe Junbi’s Events Service
and you’ll be able to start immediatly creating events
and registering your attendees.

Get your event insights

Track the different interactions with attendees
to get insights about attendees behavior on your events.

Case Studies

Check some of our client’s sucess stories with Junbi Events

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Integrate your event

Optimize your event with other Junbi services that can enhance
your attendees experience and gather more data about attendee usage.

Create promotions for your attendees to increase your cross-selling opportunities.

Time Punch
Control the staff shifts with this time management tool.

Integrate your Junbi boxes with your company softwares (CRM, Time management, etc).

Junbi Events

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