Case Study

Lusa is a Portuguese News Agency with more than 280 journalists, spread throughout the world. Lusa provides a news service to numerous newspapers, radio and Portuguese TV channels. It also provides news to the media of the Portuguese communities.

In March 2016, Lusa invited more than 800 people for its 30 year commemoration conference at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Testing out a new feature of our smart box – printed stickers to be used as badges –, Junbi Check-In allowed a faster and more independent check- in process, without requiring a lot of staff.

The Process

1. Guests received their invitations with a QR Code.

2. At arrival, each guest would scan their invitations in the Junbi Box and wait for the sticker ID to place it on a badge.

3. Guests without invitation or replacing existing guests were created and edited in the back-office at the moment of the check-in.

4. In the end, Lusa was able to check who was present in the event, which were the peak hours, among other facts.