One box fits all

What if you could implement a fully-customized digital solution for a loyalty system at an affordable price? What if you could have a check-in/check-out system for your workers that you only need to connect to WiFi and it’s ready to go? Or if you could give away online discounts to your customers without having to hire a company to implement those campaigns for you?

All this and much more is now possible with Junbi, in the same system with less costs and more revenue.

Working as an input & output device, validation mechanism and information processor, this easy-to-manage connected plug & play solution gathers different cloud services in a single touchpoint.



In a single touchpoint, Junbi can play multiple roles at the same time in the same box.


We don’t put limits to your imagination. If you have an idea, you can develop it and integrate with the APIs in our system.

Plug & Play

Easy to setup, quick to connect and ready to use in only three steps. No technical help needed.


With a simplified formula, Junbi becomes a more affordable and cost effective solution than the ones in the existing market.


An intuitive and easy-to-manage backoffice, Junbi is a time-saver and your productivity’s best friend.

No Questions Asked

Every Junbi box has a warranty of 1 year. If something does not work properly, we will replace it immediately for a new one.

Specification highlights

What´s inside

  • Scanner
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • ThermoPrinter
  • Wifi-connection


Imagine a promotion.
Get it online.
It was never so easy!


Every detail matters.
Every minute counts.
Make it extraordinary.

Time Punch

Don’t be late for success anymore!
Time is now.
Master it!


Be creative.
Integrate your own system.
Think outside the box.

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How can I use it?

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