Junbi Check-In in Sintra National Palace

On May 19th, Junbi was requested for the celebration of the International Day of Museums at the National Palace of Sintra. Exceptionally, the Town Palace, as it is also known, opened its doors at night and about 800 people attended. Junbi helped to speed up the check-in process which contributed for the success of the event.

Agência Lusa

On March 15th, Junbi will be pilot testing a new service that will allow guests to check-in at a conference, organized by Agência Lusa at Gulbenkian.

Around 600 guests have received their invitation by e-mail or by letter and will check-in using Junbi, which will print a sticker with their name and other informations to be used as their badge.

StartUp Lisboa

After returning to Portugal from WebSummit, we approached StartUp Lisboa and we couldn’t have asked for a better start.

The Lisbon’s top incubator Lisboa welcomed us in their family and immediately supported us. Through mentoring, links to strategic partners, access to angel investors, venture capital or loan funds, among others, StartUp Lisboa helps new companies to improve their business, attracting entrepreneurs from all Europe.

With our confidence in Junbi and their expertise, we believe we found the right partners to grow up with.

Junbi Retailer Application

Have you ever walked into a retail shop and wondered if there is a special offer that you might not know about?  Now you won’t miss a single promotion anymore. With this app, your customers can check-in at your store and generate the QR code you defined to be used as discount or to build up their virtual loyalty stamp card. All they need is a smartphone.

Junbi is pleased to announce that Junbi Retailer app is now available in the App Store.

Lisbons Dreams Guest House

Our first client ordered a Junbi box and requested two services: Time Punch and Ecosystem.

While Time Punch is used to supervise the schedules of employees, Junbi Ecosystem has been set up to monitor breakfasts. Junbi generates a QR Code per room that is printed and stuck to the room keys of the guests. Everytime guests wants to have breakfast, they need to validate their QR Code in the Junbi box. This is not only useful to supervise breakfasts, but also to collect and analyze data (eg. how many breakfasts they actually serve, the most busy times, among others).

More recently, the Guest House requested the Retailer service also.

Web Summit 2015

In November 2015, Junbi team was invited as Alpha Class to introduce the box that is about to revolutionize the world at WebSummit.

Looking for clients, technological partnership opportunities and investment to accelerate the product development and the company strategy, our team went to Dublin to show all the features of the Junbi box and services. Presenting Junbi in workshops and startup roundtables was the first step of a great leap forward to achieve our company goals and we returned to Portugal with new contacts and new ideas to improve our business.