It was never so easy

We live in a world where technology is king and those who want to remain in the royalty must be up to date with the new tech trends. This means finding new ways to reach and attract people to our brand, to revolutionize marketing & selling strategies and to enhance human-computer interactions. However, when you need to integrate digital systems with physical devices to create online promotions that require validation, the process is often too complex and rather expensive. Sometimes, to develop loyalty programs for your customers, you end up with different needs that require different solutions. This implies more systems to manage, higher maintenance costs and most of the times customized solutions that are not adaptable for other needs.

We’ve simplified it for you.

It’s simple

Plug & play your Junbi box.
It only takes 10 minutes!

Create promotions

Create your promotions easily. They will be ready-to-use by your customers.

Tell your customers

Tell your customers to download the Junbi Retailer mobile app to get to know the promotions.

Validate promo codes

Validate your customers’ promo code in the Junbi box.

Analyse your results

Keep track of your campaign in your Junbi dashboard.

Easy to set up loyalty cards

When starting a loyalty program,
simplicity is key. So, get rid of
the old paper stamp cards
and let the QR code work it out for you.

Take your promotions to the digital world

It was never so simple to get
your promotions online.
Give out discounts to your customers
in a distance of a click.

One app, A thousand offers

In just three steps, your customers
get to know your promotions.

1. Download the Junbi Retailer Mobile app.
2. Check-in at the selected store and get its QR code
3. Validate the QR code in the Junbi Box


In the Junbi Retailer backoffice you will be able to:

Manage store groups
Add promotions
Get your analytics

Junbi Retailer

Your customers’ app, where they can find:

Available soon on:


To learn more about this service,
download our Retailer service presentation.