Junbi Time Punch

Success always tic tacs and you have to be on time to meet it. You and all your team. But how can you control the time of entry and exit of all your employees while dealing with the everyday challenges of your business? Junbi Time Punch is the answer.

Your productivity’s best friend, Junbi Time Punch is a great tool for time management and schedules’ supervision in a simpler and more affordable way, with just a small box and no need to implement a control system from scratch. Junbi Time Punch gives you an easy access to all information and the possibility to make Junbi Box a multitasking device, when including different services to the same box.

What are you waiting for?

Add your employees

Add your employees in the backoffice so Junbi can generate QR Codes for each one of them. 

Give the QR Codes

Give the QR Codes to your employees so they can keep it on their phones. 

Check-in / Check-out

Validate your QR Code in the Junbi Box, when you arrive and when you leave.

Check stats

Check your employees’ stats whenever you want.

No smartphone?

If your employees do not have a smartphone or if it runs out of battery.
They can always have the QR Code printed and use it as an alternative.

To learn more about this service,
download our Time Punch service presentation.