Case Study

Open since May 2009, Lisbon Dreams is a guest house in Lisbon that requested Junbi for multiple services:

– Breakfast control

– Schedules supervision

– Promotions

Breakfast Control

Who doesn’t love a good hotel breakfast? Everbody does! But when guests arrive to the breakfast room, they have to wait in line to give their room number, wait for its verification in a list and finally go eat something. With Junbi, you can do this in a faster and more reliable way.

The process

1. The Guest House generates the QR Codes per room

2. Guests just need to scan the QR Code in the Junbi box and wait for the ticket

The Guest House not only have improved their service at the eyes of guests, but also got instant information about how many breakfasts they have served and how many are left.

Time Punch

Besides, the same box that is used for breakfast, can be used by the employees to validate their entries and exits.

The Process

1. Junbi generated QR Codes for each employee

2. The QR Codes were placed in each employees’ card

3. Employees scan their QR Code in the Junbi Box at the hostel.

4. The manager can keep track of the entries and exits of each employee.


Last, but not least, with a partnership with Maçanita Wines, the Guest House offers a bottle of wine to the guests who have the Junbi app. All they have to do is to scan the QR Code in the Junbi box.

The Process

1. Guests generate the QR Code in Junbi app

2. They scan the QR Code in the Junbi box

3. And just have wait for the ticket.