Case Study

Lisb’On is a hostel located in the historical and most central part of Lisbon, Baixa-Chiado. Open since December 2010, Lisb’On offers low cost accommodation to people from all over the world. Intending to supervise their staff schedules, as the hostel is open 24/7 and the team works on a rotational shiftwork, the hostel requested Junbi Time Punch.

Time Punch gives the hostel an easy access to all information and the possibility to make Junbi a multitasking device, when including different services in the same box.

The Process

1. Junbi generated QR Codes for each employee

2. The QR Codes were placed in each employees’ card

3. Employees scan their QR Code in the Junbi Box at the hostel.

4. The manager can keep track of the entries and exits of each employee.