Case Study

PromoFans® is a digital platform of promotions that belongs to Sonae Sierra. With a database of over 700.000 users, PromoFans® allows its users to get discounts and deals in just a few minutes. Users get an alphanumeric code to give to the shopkeeper, who will validate the promotion in the store manually. However, this method would take some time, which was inconvenient in rush hours. In this case, PromoFans® has integrated Junbi to improve this service. From that moment, the coupons always have a QR Code that can be validated in a Junbi box.

Sonae Sierra requested Junbi for its 6 malls in Spain and it was first used on Mother’s Day campaigns.

The Process

1. Users get the coupon of the promotion, which has a QR Code.

2. They go to the PromoFans® information desk to redeem the coupon.

3. The Junbi box validates the coupon.

4. The PromoFans® team can analyse the results of the promotion, through the PromoFans® backoffice, which is already connected to the Junbi boxes.